North American Mission Board

It’s been said if you reach the cities, you’ll reach the nations. With 83 percent of the population now living in metropolitan areas, the major population centers in North America are vital mission fields for kingdom growth and influence. NAMB prioritizes their work in 50 cities throughout North America.

Church Planting

New Orleans - Level Ground Community Church

IBC is participating in a church plant with Level Ground Community Church in New Orleans, LA. We provide prayer, financial support and mission teams to help Level Ground reach their community for Christ. 

Annie Armstrong Offering 

Offering taken to support all the North American Mission Board and SBC missions in the USA. In 2014 Immanuel Baptist Church raised $11,713.12 for the Annie Armstrong Offering.

Builders for Christ

Builders for Christ, is a group of men, women and children serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the mission field of church construction. Our church members have gone to Tyrone, PA, Eua Clair, Wisconsin, and Smithfield, Virginia serving with Builders for Christ  

Mission Trips to Other States

Since 2001, Immanuel Baptist Church has sent individuals or teams to the following States: Litchfield, CN, Smyrna, TN, New Orleans, LA, Miami, FL, and Madison, Wisconsin.